Feature Video (Gallup Poll Results Overview)

What Do a Billion Muslims Think?

You can read the article about the video above Battle for Hearts and Minds: Moderate vs. Extremist Views in the Muslim World

or you can read about the Muslim-West Fact Project in ARABIC here

To learn more about Arab frustrations read Edward Said's
Imperial Perspectives

Sayyid Qutb's-considered by many to be the father or Islamist terrorism
The America I Have Seen (1951) 

Suzanne Field's summary of Bernard Lewis's theory
Male Humiliation Fuels Arab Rage

Thomas Friedman's
Cursed by Oil

Muqtedar Khan's
Understanding the Roots of Muslim Rage

Shadi Hamid and Steven Brookes'
Promoting Democracy to Stop Terror

Osama Bin Laden
Letter to the American People Explaining Sept. 11th

Al Qaeda
A Statement from Qaidat al-Jihad Regarding the Mandates of the Heroes and the Legality of the Operations in New York and Washington

For more videos on Terrorism go to
Fora TV

Terrorist Rehab?

VIDEO: Obsession: Radical Islam and the War against the West

2 minutes http://www.obsessionthemovie.com/clips-media.php

Excerpts from the documentary film Obsession which looks at media in the Muslim world and its impact on youth.